Want to improve your Internet speeds and reliability?

What happens to your business if the Internet stops? As more businesses move to Cloud services, the reliability of the Internet becomes more than important, it becomes critical and the NBN alone is not going to resolve this.

The Internet needs to be available all of the time and it needs to be fast enough to keep up with your business.

Broadband bonding is a unique broadband service that simply fuses multiple broadband connections together to give you a much faster and much more reliable connection. The bonded connection combines the bandwidth capacity of each circuit connected, in both uplink and downlink directions and presents itself to the network via a single cable and public IP or address range.

Bonding an NBN service with a 4G service (preferably from different service providers) produces a solid, redundant Internet link suitable for servcies that need a static IP (eg.. Remote Desktop).

By simply bonding two or more broadband services together you can create a single, super-fast, reliable, cost-effective broadband connection.

With bonding, your VPN, Remote Services, bandwidth sensitive applications and cloud-based applications will perform more effectively. In addition, your business broadband connection will be protected by multiple paths giving you a level of redundancy over a single service connection. Given we can bond any type of service from any carrier, your level of redundancy is greatly increased.

Bonding will make all your bandwidth available all of the time for all of your applications to use. Even by bonding just two lines you will see the following benefits:

  • Files uploaded to the cloud in half the time
  • Backup times significantly reduced
  • Remote Desktop users will rejoice
  • VPNs will perform more effectively
  • Better quality VoIP calls
  • Multi-line redundancy with automatic, unattended, seamless failover/failback (even during an HTTPS session)

Once installed, you should see an immediate increase in your broadband speed.